Re: dbus and GNOME 2.8

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 00:01, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 11:58, Paolo Maggi wrote:
> > "Do not store anything but preferences in GConf. Documents, session
> > state, random data blobs do not belong in GConf. Stuff breaks if you do
> > TO THE GCONF DATABASE. Which means you may not use GConf as an IPC
> > mechanism or when it's required to be able to store a piece of data."
> > 
> If talking about the future, maybe this could change, e.g.:
> Re: the rest of the thread, just using a database directly doesn't seem
> right at all to me; you want a database via some kind of
> structured/simplified abstraction such as Storage probably.

Yes that would be handy in a lot of circumstances but sometimes direct
access might be desirable. For Example, the Gnome-DB widgets would give
you rapid application development of client/server style apps when
connected directly to a DB so certain GUI apps might benefit more from
this. If you abstract them then you force developers to use APIs instead
so having both direct and indirect(api) access would make sense (data
access rules can be enforced on the server to avoid inconsistency
between the two). With an RDBMS, you can also have views which can
provide a more complete picture of the data rather than dealing with
individual tables. 

>  But given
> that you could use it to store all the desktop's data of all kinds.
> As Seth explained it to me today Storage essentially is XML-type data
> (tree of nodes with attributes) in queryable database form with change
> notification. So this seems ideal for address books and all sorts of
> other stuff. Unlike gconf, it would be be scalable even with lots of
> data and documents and whatever in there.


> But this needs to be well-baked and thought-through before we put it in
> the desktop.
That goes without saying - we are talking long term evolutionary path.


> Havoc
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