Re: An entirely different angle on the GNOME VFS

понедељак, 22. септембар 2003. 13:03:11 CEST — Martin Waitz написа:

there may be other possibilities to implement file systems in
userspace, nfs is just one that i can think of atm.

Yeah, try the GNU Hurd translators ;-)

Pretty much the same thing as gnome-vfs, just maps anything you want in filesystem instead of by URIs, but requires explicit setup every time (not really every time, since it can be written into filesystem node and stay "persisent", thus requiring ext2 fs which is the only one so far that supports "extensions" of that kind).

Actually, all the proposed would work really well on GNU, if it ever got really stable enough for general use. gnome-vfs could take care of setting up translators (so user would not have to know about the settrans command, or anything), because this can be done in userspace, and no root access is neccessary.

Ah, perhaps for some future Gnome incarnation, we'll have that too ;-)

Still, this might be a worthy concept to look at, since it's probably the closest match to what everyone is asking about. So, I wouldn't go for "gnome-vfs over nfs everywhere", but rather, I'd separate "backends" for filesystem mapping, and thereby have a (really simple) GNU backend, and more complicated NFS backend which would include NFS daemon, or whatever.


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