Re: 2.5 and gtk+ HEAD

From: Anders Carlsson <andersca gnome org>

I've added a gnome26.moduleset to jhbuild for those of us that want to
build 2.5.
So the question is if we should start monitoring gtk+ HEAD for this or
if we should wait for the GTK+ API freeze.

Epiphany head already depends on gtk2.4 features (specifically gtkaction and gtkuimanager). I've built gnome against 2.4 for the most part the build goes smoothly. Exceptions are a few apps that use a deprecated glib function (nautilus and one other but it slips my mind right now) and File Roller which uses a deprecated GtkToolbar function. The patch to make nautilus build is pretty simple although Dave said that he didn't want to apply the patch unless the replacement function is already in glib2.2 (for ease of development reasons). Need to look into this.

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