Re: An entirely different angle on the GNOME VFS

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 22:21, Dominic Howells wrote:
> Try writing to burn:/// under OpenOffice. See What I mean?

	Nope; the reason this doesn't work is either: a) you're using some
stale/ugly OO.o, or b) I didn't add "burn", to the:

/* This sucks utterly */
const char *methods[] = { "smb", "pipe", "ssh" .... };

	array that is necessary because gnome-vfs doesn't allow you to get a
list of it's supported schemes [ which sucks ].

	Ultimately I think you're extremely misguided; a Linux only solution is
deeply uninteresting to me at least, and somewhat un-neccessary.



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