Re: jhbuild changes

On 22/09/03 15:11, James Henstridge wrote:

I've updated jhbuild to pull fontconfig, Render, Xrender and Xft from the new If you have an existing checkout though, it will probably continue to pull them from

To switch over to the new location, you can either delete your working copies of those modules, or use the script included with jhbuild to update the working copies:
   cd <where-everything-is-checked-out>
jhbuild/ :pserver:anoncvs cvs freedesktop org:/cvs/xlibs Render Xrender jhbuild/ :pserver:anoncvs cvs freedesktop org:/cvs/fontconfig fontconfig Xft

If you have an account on, you can get jhbuild to use that instead by adding the following to your ~/.jhbuildrc file: cvsroots[''] = '' cvsroots[''] = ''

While the copies of these modules still exist in CVS (so things still continue to work), you should switch over if you want to see any bug fixes that get made to these modules.

After writing this, Paolo Borelli pointed out to me that Xft has been moved to the /cvs/xlibs cvs root on I've updated jhbuild to use that root, so it should be okay. If you use the changecvsroot script, remember to update Xft to the correct root.


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