Application menu.

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I can't remember anything
about it.

What are people's views on an "Application Menu" in each program? By
application menu, I mean a menu like on Macs, with the "iTunes" menu
before the File menu.
is a good shot of it.

Having this menu would mean we would have a place for the Preferences
menu item, which everyone hates in the "Edit" menu, but can't think of a
better place for it. Plus the File->Quit item would move here, and I do
think this is a better place for Help->About really.
(And the program with the dumbest menus ever - gnome-sound-recorder
could have more sensible menus too)

Would it be possible to change to this (if people think its a good idea)
for 2.6, or would it be in the future?

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