Re: Temujin


> Sergey, the key word here is 'to forgive' but not 'to forget'. We should
I do not talk about "forgive". Sure, there are things which people
cannot forgive. But people _forget_ - even the things they could not
forgive (and the number of people who can not forget something reduces
with the time). And that's good IMHO.
> forgive nationalities, but never forget bloody politicals. I don't
> understand your ond other people arguments about hatred between Russian
> and German, Chech and Austrian and so on. I have no hatred to German,
You do not - but some older Russian people could have. And I bet during
the WWII a lot of them did have.

> But I have no reason to love all these nationality leaders with blood on
> their hands.
Sure. We do not talk about love here at all:) Actually, people usually
hate strong national leaders because these leaders make people do
unpleasant and difficult things. Again, I refer you to Machiavelli. But
weak leaders are even worse for their countries (remember last Russian

> Because he was maniac, sadist and so on. Yes, all history is not very
Sorry, I did not know about him torturing people personally just for fun
of it. Are there any facts of that kind (well, this is way offtopic here
- so probably personal email would be better)?

Well, I really offer to close the subject. My personal question to
everyone is what would be the image GNOME wants to have. Just some words
you'd love GNOME to be associated with. Any positive ideas?


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