Re: Application menu.

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> What are people's views on an "Application Menu" in each program?

This is probably a question best posed to the usability list, but I would
tentatively support it, having experienced it with OS X. Unfortunately, it
opens a rather large can of worms...

There has been a lot of discussion in the past about whether we want a
"document based" or "application based" approach to our software and
execution model. I think there is a good combination (without the negative
connotations of 'compromise') between the two, and perhaps the separate
application menu could be part of that, but it does lean toward application
based design. It could be a good part of a combination, because it splits
off the applicationny-non-document-context bits into an identifiable corral.

Tough call. Needs discussion on usability list. ;-)

> Would it be possible to change to this (if people think its a good idea)
> for 2.6, or would it be in the future?

It's probably doable for 2.6 if we sort out the model stuff above...

- Jeff

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