Re: GtkFileChooser API work (bookmarks)

<quote who="Seth Nickell">

> > As interesting as Storage may be, it is fairly pie-in-the-sky when it
> > comes to solving user problems in a reasonable timeframe. There's no
> > reason to drop *serious* user issues on the floor waiting for some
> > "perfect system" to come along. :-)
> Guess again ;-)

Everything on top of the database abstraction and simple API in Storage is
in a class of Deeply Interesting and Very Hard problems. We already have
plenty of valid abstractions and APIs for the stuff we can do immediately,
so the chief merit of Storage lies in the pie-in-the-sky Deeply Interesting
and Very Hard problems being solved.

Remember that what you've described as the goals of Storage introduce a
massive array of new interface problems (and infrastructural problems, but
let's play happy visions for a bit here), no matter how well they're wrapped
up in current semantics. Dealing with that transition is also pie-in-the-sky

Not that I'm uninterested or not wishing you luck, but we shouldn't be
waiting on Storage to solve problems we can handle right now - it's not like
anyone's waiting for InSight... :-)

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
  "I rather think of Pat as our linguistic ornithologist here - 'Oh look,
         the brown noddy also nests in the mangrove!'" - John Fleck

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