Re: GtkFileChooser API work (bookmarks)

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 21:06 +0200, Ricardo Fernández Pascual wrote:
> El mar, 02-09-2003 a las 16:43, Rodrigo Moya escribió:
> > hmm, bookmarks. Wasn't there some work on to have a
> > shred location for bookmarks? If so, the file selector could use that.
> FWIW, XBEL is the nearest thing to a de facto standard for now. Both
> Konqueror and Galeon interoperate using it. It is far from perfect but
> it works reasonably well and is extensible.
> Unfortunately, the Epiphany project decided to use their own proprietary
> format.

Skipping since Shaun has already replied well enough for me.

> As Marco has already pointed out, the easy part is agreeing in a file
> format. The really hard part is sharing the bookmarks concurrently.
> You'd need some kind of "bookmarks daemon" or only one app would be able
> to open the bookmark file for updating.

I've been playing with a daemon for user data idea too. Right now I
think Storage approach is more appropriate though.


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