Re: GtkFileChooser API work (bookmarks)

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003 2:46PM -0800, Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Marco Pesenti Gritti">

 I've been playing with a daemon for user data idea too. Right now I
 think Storage approach is more appropriate though.

As interesting as Storage may be, it is fairly pie-in-the-sky when it comes to solving user problems in a reasonable timeframe. There's no reason to drop *serious* user issues on the floor waiting for some "perfect system" to
come along. :-)

Guess again ;-) Storage as it exists today is a very good back-bone for implementing Sutra, a metadata system that marco and curtis were planning as a next-generation medusa (and is certainely geared toward today's problems). There's very close correspondence between features sutra wants for metadata and features storage provides for all data.

We are now all working together to make sutra happen by way of storage. The fastest way to get sutra-like capabilities, by far, is to use storage at this point. Clearly this incarnation of Storage is not going to use a system-wide postgres server, but the same api and 95% same code as the full-fledged storage will be used.


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