Re: Developer Platform Improvements?

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> Could maintainers of Developer Platform modules [1] please forward notes
> about DP improvements to the release team [2] for inclusion in the release
> notes?

Mark sent this great list of GConf notes, which serves as a good example and
hopefully encouragement to other maintainers (and interested parties). :-)
Here 'tis!

  * The GConf daemon now maintains its locks in /tmp by default which
    means GConf will not attempt to contact a daemon on a remote
    machine if the user is using a shared NFS home directory. To use
    the old behaviour of maintaining the lock in ~/.gconfd, you can
    set the GCONF_GLOBAL_LOCKS environment variable.

  * gconf_client_notify() to fake notifications. Useful way of reading
    the initial values of GConf keys on programs startup.

  * gconf_client_recursive_unset() to recursively unset all keys in a
    directory and its sub-directories.

  * gconf_entry_copy(), gconf_entry_ref() and gconf_entry_unref()
    added for memory management of GConfEntry. gconf_entry_free() is

  * several additions to gconftool:

      + --dump and --load to allow the dumping and loading of parts of
        the GConf tree to and from xml. Useful, for making copies of
        your preferences and such.
      + --get-type to find out the type of a key.
      + --get-list-size and --get-list-element for more fine-grained
        access to lists.
      + --makefile-uninstall-rule to allow schemas to be

- Jeff

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