Re: Possible plan [Was: No Flags "Policy"]

For Chinese, a possibility is to use a Chinese
character (say the word "middle") instead of flags in
the icons.  That represents the Chinese language
better than any flag.  

This works for languages that use ideographs and thus
not too well for European and Middle Eastern

--- Abel Cheung <deaddog deaddog org> wrote:
> On 2003-11-26(Wed) 01:22:47 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Again, it's all or nothing. You can't take a few
> "offensive" flags out and
> > not expect to be flamed to high heaven by the
> people who stand by those
> > symbols. If there is to be a package of flags, it
> should be *every* flag,
> > and up to distributors / us as to whether they're
> shipped or not.
> Exactly. last time Taiwan people see the removal of
> Taiwan flags as
> downright discrimination of Taiwan. It's this
> discrimination that people
> dislike most, and I'm sure nobody wants to be
> treated as so.

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