Re: PROPOSAL: Evolution for GNOME 2.6

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 15:08, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 10:11, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> > I think the way to go here would be to move Yelp to Gecko, drop gtkhtml2
> > and use gtkhtml for Evolution. In the long run, would it be possible to
> > move Evolution to Gecko? Then we could depricate both gtkhtml and
> > gtkhtml2.
> I think using Gecko for the mail display would be a viable solution for
> the long term (although, we need to be able to embed GTK+ widgets into
> the HTML and I don't know how easy/viable that is).
> On the other hand, we still need the GtkHTML editor and as far as I know
> there is no easy way to embed the Mozilla composer...
> -- Ettore

Yeah, embedding the editor (Composer) is currently "Very Difficult If
Not Impossible" according to

Fortunately, that page was recently modified (end of October 2003) and
it appears that the Mozilla folks are actively looking at addressing the
issue. I doubt it will be done in the GNOME 2.6 timeframe, however. 

I don't know enough about Mozilla/XUL/XBL to know how difficult/easy it
would be to embed arbitrary Gtk+ widgets in mozilla.  Although, I'm sure
it could be done with some <object>/plugin/bonobo hackery (yuck).

It's long been on my "user-wishlist" to get rid of one or the other of
GtkHTML2 or GtkHTML (or both) in favor of Gecko (well, kind of, I've
always liked the GtkHTML2 code myself, but having 3 HTML libs in the
platform is bordering on ridiculous).  Having mozilla in the
desktop/developer platform creates a lot more duplication than just the
HTML renderer, however.  Off the top of my head it means we have 2 of:

      * XML library (libxml2)
      * XSLT library (libxslt) -- not sure if this is in the platform or
      * CSS parser (libcroco) -- current librsvg depends on it
      * "VFS layer" (gnome-vfs) -- 'necko' I believe it's called, it has
        pluggable backends, though I'm not sure how comparable it really
        is to gnome-vfs it does serve a similar function
      * XML UI definition language (xul --> glade) -- "libgxul" might be
        an interesting project (basically libglade over XUl, haven't
        looked at XUL in a long time, don't know if it's even possible)

Sadly, I don't see any of that duplication going away any time soon
because Mozilla has a strong aversion to using outside code (whether the
merits of this approach to platform independence outweigh the costs is
open for debate ;-)) and, despite being "highly modular," is organized
in such a way as to make using the individual pieces outside of the
framework difficult.

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