Re: vcard-integration for gnome

Am 22.11.2003 04:06:50 schrieb(en) Rob Adams:
Stop reinventing the wheel.  The contacts management infrastructure
already exists in evolution.  Just refactor it into a common API that
evolution itself could use to do its contacts.

I'm not reinventing anything. I was missing a stand-alone address-book in Gnome so I started to hack on one. It's written for ROX and I've made the offer to maintain a Gnome-HIG version in parallel. Because it is a tiny app, that would be feasible. I certainly won't refactor anyone's API. I wouldn't call a path variable an API. And I don't see why anything more complicated would be necessary for maintaining a stack of vcards. If that doesn't scale into a corporate setup with a huge data set, tell me about the problems it would raise and how this could be solved. Then I'll think again.

I sense hostility in your response. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, if my app is not perceived as a welcome addition then I'll just drop the idea.

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