Menu structure for admin tools (synaptic, gst, gnome-cups)


I am a contributor to the apt based package manager Synaptic. We would
like to integrate synaptic into the GNOME-Desktop as much as possible.

So we come up with the following menu issue: What should be the right
place for synaptic and admin tools in general?

Synaptic was a long time in the "Applications|Desktop Preferences|System
Tools" menu like GNOME system tools and GNOME cups. But now (0.29) GST
has moved to the normal "system tools" menu. Should there not be an
unified place? suggests the "settings" category for "packagemanager".

Furthermore the menu placement also affects the name of the menu item.
In the preferences it should stand for the to be manipulated stuff, e.g.
"Networking", "Printing" and "Software" for Synaptic.

But in the normal system tools shouldn't the name reflect the main
function of the menu item, e.g. "Package Manager" for Synaptic.

So should GST again use the "settings" category or rename its menu
items? Should synaptic and gnome-cups be the only items with
"settings,system" categories? Or shouldn't we also use "settings" for

I would love to hear some input from you,


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