Re: No Flags "Policy"

Andrew Sobala <as583 cam ac uk> написа:
> Oh. I stand corrected.
> (So what's Ukraine? :)

I think that there's another problem with keyboard layouts naming.

Some are named after *languages*, other after countries. So, "uk" is
ISO 639-1 language code for Ukrainian, yet that corresponds to
country code of "UK" (United Kingdom -- is UK the only country with
another code [GB] also "reserved"?).

So, apart from political issues, one would have to worry about
practical issues such as conflicts ;-)

There was a proposal on i18n xfree86 org list to use strictly
two-letter codes for layouts for language-based keymaps, and
three-letter codes (ISO 3166 three letter country codes) for countries
(or was it vice-versa? 639-2 three-letter codes for languages and two
letter codes for countries -- I don't remember :), but I don't think
that got far enough. 

Since all of this text will be displayed from xfree86.xml file
(right?), I think it's quite safe to rely on *translators* providing
politically correct name (i.e. don't use this codes to
programmatically differentiate between keyboard maps, but rather,
just for display, and make it translatable in xfree86.xml). So,
perhaps Ukrainians would not use "uk" at all, but rather "ук" :-)

Btw, this approach has another benefit that a translator from certain
region usually knows better what is offending and what is not, so
lets delegate the job to them.


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