Re: No Flags "Policy"

<quote who="Julien Olivier">

> > Because it means that GNOME will not be used in some parts of the world,
> > regardless of what the United Nations says [1].
> I know you won't agree with me (and you might even be right), but I
> wouldn't mind if GNOME wasn't used in such countries.
> I know China is a very big *market* for companies distributing GNOME but I
> guess those companies should remove the politically-charged flags
> themselves.

Think about the Free Software market though. If we piss off Chinese and
Taiwanese hackers - to use the favourite example - who might be inspired to
contribute to GNOME, that's a really bad thing. Lots of potential hackers.

It comes down to:

  a) Using flags is impractical and confusing (despite the "pretty pictures"
     and "icons are easier to spot" arguments).

  b) Using flags may artificially reduce our audience.

  c) Using flags may offend some users.

- Jeff

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