Re: No Flags "Policy"

> Think about the Free Software market though. If we piss off Chinese and
> Taiwanese hackers - to use the favourite example - who might be inspired to
> contribute to GNOME, that's a really bad thing. Lots of potential hackers.

Yes, that came to my busy mind just after sending the email. It's
obvious that we don't want GNOME lovers from China/Taiwan/etc to be
forced to break their country law just to use/test/contribute freely to
the GNOME project.

> It comes down to:
>   a) Using flags is impractical and confusing (despite the "pretty pictures"
>      and "icons are easier to spot" arguments).

If using flag is a bad idea anyway (apart from political reasons), then
are we having this discussion ? :)

>   b) Using flags may artificially reduce our audience.

I agree and that's bad.

>   c) Using flags may offend some users.

I'm not sure I understand in which way, but if it's really the case,
it's bad.

So, maybe it's a better idea not to ship flags at all. But my question
is: what would we do if, for any reason, we really needed flags in a
GNOME app (for example, if an encyclopedia application - ala Encarta - ,
were to be added to GNOME one day) ?

Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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