Re: No Flags "Policy"

<quote who="Julien Olivier">

> I don't really understand the problem. the United Nations are there to
> define which flags are official and which are not. GNOME should ship the
> flags recognized by the United Nations. And if anyone complains, ask them
> to complain to the United Nations.
> Why isn't that a viable solution ?

Because it means that GNOME will not be used in some parts of the world,
regardless of what the United Nations says [1].

- Jeff

[1] And the United Nations is a very good thing, and we should all respect
it, even if we happen to be ape-like leaders of large democracies with lots
of ammo.

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
    "Basically my philosophy on release management is that it should be
                like police brutality." - Maciej Stachowiak

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