Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: Sound events and GnomeMeeting

Le lun 17/11/2003 à 12:29, Ross Burton a écrit :
> Probably due to the fact that the current GNOME sound API is weird, and
> that turning sound events on means that the desktop continually clicks,
> beeps and and bongs at you.  I created a 0.1s silent sample which I've
> assigned to the GTK+ events to shut them up, just so that I can have a
> kick-arse login disco riff.
> I'm planning on adding a sound event for Sound Juicer so that when a CD
> is finished it can play a sound.  I wanted to do this The GNOME Way but
> I don't want to turn on the sound prefs...
> I think that the desktop-wide sound prefs should only contain widget and
> other common sounds (a working "click" sound which only plays when the
> user actually presses the button, dialog alert, question, information,
> etc) and **allows the user to select None**.  Then a sane API in
> libgnome or some other utility library to play arbitrary sounds.  The
> application-specific sound prefs can then go where they belong, in the
> application.

I agree, and I think I will go that way with gnomemeeting. If a new API
is introduced in GNOME for sound events, I think the ideal would be that
it permits more than ESD playing. For example, gnomemeeting is using
pwlib for sound handling for portability, being able to use PWLib for
sound events at the gnomemeeting level is thus important. I think the
API could provide some sort of callback called when a sound event
happens, and the programmer could redefine how to handle it. 

> I think.
> Ross
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