Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: Sound events and GnomeMeeting


> A single alert sound is more useless than the current situation. At
> least now, there is an API to set up a specific sound for a specific
> event in an application. Sound event support is something that we need,
> and when done well, can greatly improve usability and accessibility. It
> also makes much more sense to have different sounds for different
> alerts. Having a buzzer sound for new mail, instant message, or low
> battery doesn't make much sense, while it may make sense for an error.
> The URL below should help explain what i mean.

Absolutely, and I wasn't suggesting that we remove the API for this, but
rather remove all the application specific sound events from the
capplet. I believe we really only need one sound event for 'alert'
across the desktop, and let other applications use sound events where
appropriate. Hrm, sounds like a section in the HIG to me.

> Yes. Just not on GNOME. :) Or at least, enabling them and not installing
> gnome-audio, will at least get rid of all the annoying sounds for the
> gtk+ button press events. They are useful, despite how any current API
> in GNOME may lead you to believe otherwise. :)

If they are useful, then why didn't someone complain that they weren't
there? certainly sounds like they're not being used all that much ;)

> Lots of things use the sound events API. Gnomemeeting for example.
> However, it's currently a pain to do sound events the GNOME way,
> because the API has its issues, the event support is disabled by
> default, and 

Hrm, and that's why I was advocating that we should have a simple API
for this, and perhaps put a little bit more faith in the gstreamer API
and use that directly.

> > [1] For screenshots of what OSX and XP does, take a look at 
> >
> Was this supposed to be an example of what not to do, or what other
> desktops currently do?

What other desktops currently do. As you can see, there is a *HUGE*
difference between the OSX way, and the XP way.


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