Re: Sound events and GnomeMeeting

Le jeu 13/11/2003 à 15:19, Andrew Sobala a écrit :
> Would it be possible to add these preferences to the control-center
> dialog? Then you could configure any application in the same way. Which
> would be cool :-)
> IMHO it would be best if we could get this sort of functionality added
> at the desktop level rather than individual applications implementing
> improvements themselves. Just my 2p.

That would indeed be the ideal solution but that would require far more
changes than what it seems at first sight. For example, the current
GNOME API is using gnome_triggers_do for sound events, they are
automatically played through ESD. The API would require changes to
support more options.

I agree with you it is the best solution, but discussing it,
implementing it and working on GnomeMeeting 1.00 for GNOME 2.6 would
take me much more time than what I'm able to do in my few spare time. So
I'm not the right person to do that, but I still need a valid solution
for GnomeMeeting 1.00 ;)

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