Sound events and GnomeMeeting

Hello to all,

Several users have been requesting a better support for sound events and
events in general in GnomeMeeting. For example, when GnomeMeeting
receives an incoming call, "festival" could be used to read the caller
name and plays it through the speakers.

Currently, GnomeMeeting only supports very basic sound events
configurable through the GNOME Control Center. You certainly know that 
such sound events will be played through ESD (or directly in the
speakers), which can be a problem for KDE users (Arts) and which is a
problem in general with GnomeMeeting because GnomeMeeting permits you to
choose your audio output device and because of that, users are in
general expecting the sound to be played through the audio output device
they have selected, which is not the case using the standard sound
events management.

My question is thus: would it be opposed to the usability guidelines or
GNOME policies if I was adding a section in the preferences for events
permitting the user to choose a sound to play or a command to execute
when event X happens? It would certainly break consistency (central
configuration of sound events), but I think that is needed if I want to
add things like "execute command when event x happens". Any idea or
comments on how I should proceed?

Thank you, 
 _      Damien Sandras
//\     It-Optics s.a.
v_/_    GnomeMeeting:
        FOSDEM 2004:
        H.323 phone: seconix com

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