Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 11:20:26PM +0000, Steve George wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm unclear on why GNOME developers don't get to vote on what applications should be in the Desktop?
> Surely that was one of the points of the GNOME Foundation which developers get
> to vote in.  The release team for all it's good work is fall less democratic.
> Why couldn't a list of potential applications for entry be put up and
> foundation members vote on them.  I don't see why the release team members have
> a view of any more significance than other developers? 
> Assisting developer to have a stronger connection with the direction of the
> platform seems like a worthwhile goal to me. 

  I'm all for democracy in general, but building a release has a different
target than to follow the majority wishlist. The technical bits which
are the real reasons for choice of the various components are really
crucial to actually get a working release at the end of the timeframe.
I'm afraid that those crucial point would be underevaluated in an
majority wishlist, for example I would be able to vote, though I have
no clear idea of the real technical challenges and constraints associated
to the various components and apps making a GNOME release.
  Sometimes a dedicated group operates better toward achieving a
complex goal than a more massive approach, the only important point is
that there must be regular checkpoint on progresses and channels for
input to that group. I think the input is there, just that it's not
a constraining factor, and it's probably better that way in this specific
case IMHO. Asking for input, but not being tied on the answer given
sounds the right compromise, there is just too many factors for selecting
such or such piece of code in the final assembly.


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