Re: Problems with gnome HEAD in fresh v-b-s build

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 09:12:40PM +0530, Patanjali Somayaji wrote:
> I did a fresh checkout of v-b-s, and tried to compile gnome-head. The
> build failed with an 
> "ERROR: Can't autogen" 
> for the libgnomeprint module.
> Searching for references to this error helped (although the references
> were for other packages). The problem was resolved by making 
> aclocal-1.4 and aclocal-1.6 point to aclocal (in
> /gnome/head/INSTALL/bin), and automake-1.4 and automake-1.6 to point to
> automake(in /gnome/head/INSTALL/bin). libgnomeprint and libgnomprintui
> could be built after that. 

This seems to indicate that something is a bit screwy with your
installation. The libgnomeprint just calls the
script from gnome-common, which correctly calls automake as
automake-1.4, so no changes should be required.

Maybe you could try running again to fix things up, but
since I am not really sure what is wrong, I cannot be sure. Note that
the current setup works fine for me on a number of systems (one of which
gets a fresh install from upwards every time), so I am
pretty confident it works.

Btw, libgnomeprint's build is slightly broken in other respects at the
moment, so I am sort of surprised you got it to work. I admit I've been
a bit of a slacko here and haven't sent Chema a fix, but I'll do that

Sorry, this doesn't really solve your problem, but I really think it's
NOTABUG and just some local strangeness on your system.


Honk if you love peace and quiet.

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