Re: gnome-session: custom per-app icon

В Сбт, 22.03.2003, в 22:10, Håvard Wigtil написал:
> On Sat, 2003-03-22 at 22:30, Sergey V. Oudaltsov wrote:
> > >      1. Try to find a desktop file that matches the binary name, the
> > >         code from the run dialog can be used. The icon from the desktop
> > >         file should be preferred to the window icon because the desktop
> > >         icon presumably represents the base state, and some applications
> > >         (e.g. Evolution and Mozilla) change window icon based on
> > >         application state.
> > Rather expensive thing - to lookup several directories, parse .desktop
> > files. Not sure it is good for the session startup (which should be as
> > fast as possible).
> As Havoc said, you can add the icon as a property to the session when
> the session is _saved_, so there is no need to search for the icon in
> any way on startup, you just read back the property from the session.
Yes, I see. No problems. Just adding new call(s) to gnome-client.


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