2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

I've put up GEP 10, Standards for Inclusion in the GNOME , as well as
GEP 11, Module List for 2.4.


Basically, GEP 10 is the requirements GEP- 'generally, what should be in
platfrom.' GEP 11 is the action gep based on GEP 10. I've posted them
simultaneously instead of in sequence because I think having discussion
about concrete examples in GEP 11 will help clarify the intent and
consequences of GEP 10.[1] 

Couple notes that didn't seem appropriate to put in the GEP itself:

*I'll actually be absent for most of the discussion period, from next
week until April 30th. This is unfortunate but unavoidable.

*in GEP 10, I've cheated and made the third responsible person 'the
release team'; I'd be happy to insert a third actual person if this
seems to be too flagrant a violation of the rules. 

*GEP 11 may be too vague when it says 'all new apps are presumed to meet
the requirements of GEP 10'- perhaps it should specify at least how each
of these contributes to the overall desktop goals as semi-specified in
GEP 10? At any rate, I wanted to get these on the table- they can be
added later.

*GEP 11 is drastically incomplete wrt the application list, at least
when compared to the 2.2 cycle. If people have apps they want to propose
[multimedia, things I've just plain forgotten, etc.] then this thread is
the time to speak up :) 

Anyway, that's the deal-

[1] I know that this technically violates the 'think about the abstract'
goal of requirements GEPs, but a great deal of abstract thought went
into GEP 10 in August on my part, so I believe that this will be helpful
to motivate others to discuss and think on the problem.

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