Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

<quote who="Steve George">

> I'm unclear on why GNOME developers don't get to vote on what applications
> should be in the Desktop?
> Surely that was one of the points of the GNOME Foundation which developers
> get to vote in.

No, the GNOME Foundation is meant to be a last resort when it comes to the
specifics of GNOME development. It is not there to 'democratise' the
process, it is only there to guide and ensure that we actually have process,
and the means of executing it.

We make decisions on 'rough consensus and working code', not votes. In fact,
you'll find that it is *very* rare that GNOME development decisions are ever
made by vote. Even our 'management' decisions - from the Foundation Board
and the Release Team - are almost never brought to vote. Rough consensus,
working code.

> The release team for all it's good work is fall less democratic.

The release team doesn't make these decisions. What we do is finalise the
discussion about these things, and run with the consensus. Then, once the
release process is underway - *after* the module decisions have been made -
we will have to make judgement calls on whether modules are ready for the
desktop/platform releases. That comes *after* the feature freeze, and after
the general community discussion about modules, and is wholly driven by the
need to actually make a release.

> Why couldn't a list of potential applications for entry be put up and
> foundation members vote on them.

Because that is not the function of the Foundation, or its members. It is
the function of active contributors involved in the GNOME community, who
will have to maintain the code/documentation/translations/etc.

Democracy is not a great way to drive the Free Software process - best
practice indicates that rough consensus, working code, and people who are
doing the work (contributors, at every level) are the best methods to pick
and choose the specific directions of the project.

> I don't see why the release team members have a view of any more
> significance than other developers?

We don't. See above.

> Assisting developer to have a stronger connection with the direction of
> the platform seems like a worthwhile goal to me. 

That's what discussion is for. Please discuss. :-)

- Jeff

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