Re: gnome-session: custom per-app icon

>      1. Try to find a desktop file that matches the binary name, the
>         code from the run dialog can be used. The icon from the desktop
>         file should be preferred to the window icon because the desktop
>         icon presumably represents the base state, and some applications
>         (e.g. Evolution and Mozilla) change window icon based on
>         application state.
Rather expensive thing - to lookup several directories, parse .desktop
files. Not sure it is good for the session startup (which should be as
fast as possible).
>      2. If no desktop file is found, get the icon from the window. If
>         the window provides multiple icons, get the one at 48x48
But if the window was not created ... Also, we completely forgotten one
aspect - when the application just starts, it can show its main window
much later (just measure the delay in galeon or evolution cases). But
gnome-startup cannot just stop and wait for this - just to get the icon.
>      3. Maybe look for an image file with a specific name in a specific
>         place if still no icon is found. Personally I believe that this
>         step should be skipped, as any user-controlled daemon should
>         have a .desktop file to start / stop it (e.g. gnome-pilot), and
>         if this isn't the case it isn't very likely that the daemon has
>         an icon at all. (Isn't it possible to create .desktop files that
>         aren't displayed in the menu? Then someone that wants to set an
>         icon for a daemon can do it this way).
Unfortunately in gnome-client API there is no function to point to this
.desktop file. So we are talking about API breakage again. Other than
this, it seems ok.

>      4. If no icon is found, use a default icon which is not the
>         question-mark foot nor the blank sheet used in the window list
>         when no icon is found, as neither brings up the image of an
>         "application" in my mind. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a
>         specific icon for "application/x-executable-binary" in current
>         Gnome.
Some "default" icon probably can be still useful. Or - add the progress
bar to the splash window. Just to display the progress.

> Sergey, if the "hidden .desktop file" outlined in 3. works, do you feel
> that it is good enough for setting icons for daemons without their own
> desktop files?
I don't really know (well, and probably I am not the man to ask - there
are smarter guys out here:). But anyway - ONE directory to look for
desktop files is definitely better than many.



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