Re: gnome-session: custom per-app icon

On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 01:20:22PM +0000, Sergey V. Oudaltsov wrote: 
> 1. Break gnome-client API and put the icon name into the session.
> Complex but 100% technically correct

It doesn't break the API. You can just get the icon bits with
gtk_window_get_default_icon_list(), or somehow get the icon from the
.desktop file, or gtk_window_list_toplevels() then
gtk_window_get_icon(), or use your approach to use application base

Then given the icon, you simply set a session property that the
session manager reads, the same way we currently tell the session
manager our PID and other details. Can be done entirely in
gnome-client.c without new API.

Granted, this is the *only* extensible aspect of the stupid SM
protocol, but in this case it does cover what we need to extend.


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