Re: gnome-session: custom per-app icon

> > 1. Break gnome-client API and put the icon name into the session.
> > Complex but 100% technically correct
> It doesn't break the API. You can just get the icon bits with
> gtk_window_get_default_icon_list(), or somehow get the icon from the
> .desktop file, or gtk_window_list_toplevels() then
> gtk_window_get_icon(), or use your approach to use application base
> name.
I ask again about daemons launching at startup. They do NOT have
windows. So these methods will NOT work for them. So in order to put the
icon in session, some methods (..._set_icon...) should be added to
gnome-client API.

For example, my xkb_properties_capplet, when launched at startup, does
not create any windows (just configures XKB and quits). But I would
really love to customize the icon for it.


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