Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)


I would like to propose Seahorse for inclusion in 2.4.
This could fall under the 'cool things no one else has' category.
Here are some major discussion points:

1) Dependencies
Seahorse currently requires gnupg-1.2.x or higher and gpgme-0.3.14 or
higher, but not gpgme-0.4.x.
Gnupg is a crypto app and as such carries legal issues. (IANAL) Certain
countries may not allow it and there may be export regulations. However,
the US did relax export regulations so that the legal issues may not be
so bad.
The gpgme-0.4 series is API unstable, but if mozilla is an acceptable
dependency, I don't think this should pose a problem.

2) Features
Seahorse is not currently feature complete, but this is for the 2.4
timeframe and development is fairly active. The biggest issue regarding
feature completeness is the dependence on gpgme for crypto related
features. gnupg features in the gpgme-0.3 series have basically been
exhausted but we haven't upgraded to gpgme-0.4 due to the API
instability and alpha-ness.

3) Integration
There is not yet a nautilus component, but that will certainly be done
well before 2.4.  The major issue with integration is that most of the
features require the user to have a personal key. Users don't
necessarily have one yet, so there would need to be some easy way for
the user to create one. There would also probably have to be a
control-center capplet for central configuration of gnupg.
Integration with key gnome apps, such as gedit, would also be a good

If these all seem like negatives, a desktop with integrated and easy to
use crypto would be a very good thing that few, if any, are offering.

Even if Seahorse ends up being rejected (I'm hopeful but realistic), I'd
really like comments and ideas for Gnome integration.

Jacob Perkins <jap1 users sourceforge net>

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