is metacity a taboo ?


Can Gnome users have,please, the wireframe support for metacity

in the (good) admin guide i found "To Reduce CPU Usage by Turning On
Wireframe Mode" for Metacity but this feature doesn't work.

I have tested phoebe 3 + slackware 8.1 with dropline and Gnome2.2 is
very great but too slowly to a windows redraw. I'am a user and i don't
understand why this feature ist not in Gnome2. Without this function,
Gnome 2.2 ist slowly and for me i have not interess in a slow desktop.
I believe that this is not a very good advertising for Gnome2.

I hope that is fixed in official gnome 2.2.1 

I love Gnome but i don't know why Havoc will not usable feature ?!?!?

Thanks a lot for this great desktop


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