Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

Hey there,

> I've put up GEP 10, Standards for Inclusion in the GNOME , as well as
> GEP 11, Module List for 2.4.

This is absolutely cool stuff - I'd like to tentatively add 'zenity' and
'battfink' to the list.

Zenity is my replacement for gdialog, without the complicated command
line arguments, although it's mostly uncompatible with any dialog right
now - I'm basically waiting for someone to write some sort of script
wrapper for it.

Battfink is an Energy Saving Preference dialog, which handles DPMS and
battery status. It currently relies on APM, but I think it's pretty easy
to ACPI support. I personally prefer it to the current battstat applet -
although it might push the current notification applet rules a little.

Addition of these modules entirely depends on who's willing to hack on
them. There is a number of issues with zenity and battfink - although
not neccessarily in at the moment, that certainly
need to be resolved before we even think of adding them.

			See ya,

				Glynn ;)

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