Re: seahorse improvements

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 00:10, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> You might start from the top down, with user goals, I am guessing some
> might be:
>  - send a message that cannot be intercepted en route
>  - verify the origin of a message
>  - encrypt a file

Hi, folks. I'm not anyone particularly worth listening to, but as a
user, and also a user who has tried to get others to bother with gpg/pgp
in the past, I have the following suggestions.

I know gpg uses its own key database, but for a user like my wife and
friends, ok, I'll say it, like myself too ;-) the only place that it
makes sense to manage the keys from is the addressbook (I would suggest
evolution's addressbook, but I guess that might prevent adoption into
core gnome in the future, too bad :-( )

An additional feature that would be awesome is to be able to request
keys from people who have never generated one, I don't know if there is
a standard for that sort of thing, but here's the thought.

I have a file that I want to encrypt (or an encrypted email I want to
send), I right click the file and say encrypt, then pick a user from my
addressbook, if the user has a key (already stored or a keyserver, who
cares?) the file gets encrypted, but if not, they get a message with "We
don't have a key for that person, ask them for one?" which would
generate an email asking the recipient to create a key and send it to
their friend who is waiting patiently (the key would then also be
automatically be uploaded to a key server).

Sorry to ramble, and like I say, I'm sure you guys have thought of most
of that stuff already, but just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.


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