Re: 2.4 Release Notes Feature List [was Re: freezing 2.4 already?]

Andrew Sobala wrote:
On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 22:15, Sander Vesik wrote:

John Fleck wrote:

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 14:50, Luis Villa wrote:

Hey, so... between this and the 'what is new in nautilus' list on, I was thinking that maybe it is time for people to
start combing ChangeLogs and preparing a feature list and screenshots
for the 2.4 Release Notes. I know someone volunteered to do this after
2.2, but I don't recall who. Anyone want to step up to the plate?

Uh, that was, ummm, me.

So yeah, I'm planning on doing this. People should send me stuff...

hopefully you will be getting some help from the announced-on-guadec
gnome community marketing project

Hopefully the people who couldn't make guadec will have some clue what
this actually is when the talks are put online/someone writes up the
ideas behind gnome community marketing.

Pretty pleeeaase?

the notes I have from it (and i claim no authority on it - it was jeff's
talk and neither am i a good note-taker) - caution, i might have got
stuff wrong,there are probably omissions and so on - read (practicly

* why community mareting - comapnies push products, who pushes
  the platform? xd2 doesn't mention gnome. no message from the
* overview of OOo marekting project
* what could gnome marketing do:
	* communicate - release notes, brochures, posters,
	  interviews, profiles
	* non-documentation website content
	* communicate with other teams
	* regional and localised promotion
* kickstarting the project - open and closed marketing lists
* can immediately do :
	* what is gnome
	* release notes for gnome 2.4

but of course, nobody should draw anything from these and wait for jeff's
real thing (or at least jeff's comments) to show up. there might have
been (and hopefully were) better note-takers around on the talk too.

[next came luis's teams & bugsquad talk with much better working slides]

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