Re: freezing 2.4 already?

<quote who="Marius Andreiana">

> I saw 2.4 freezing is near

2.4 is already feature frozen! :-)

> but it seems the interesting 2.4 proposed features aren't done

This is a list of "cool stuff you might want to hack on" written by Havoc a
while back. It's not a list of features that 'must' be worked on, or even a
list of features that other people are interested in working on.

> Besides polishing, what would be the 2.4 interesting new features?

Weeeeell, there are heaps. Heaps and heaps, even if you don't count the new
modules (see my previous mail announcing the final 2.4 modules list). Too
many to sum up here, but if you check the changelogs on previous 2.3 release
announcements and on, watch the release notes documentation
progress (in the releng module, we'll start proper work on it soon), and try
out the very stable 2.3 testing releases, you can see for yourself! :-)

- Jeff

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