Shipping Vera with 2.4

Hey gang,

I'm wondering what the best method for shipping Bitstream Vera in 2.4 will
be, assuming that the beta period will be over by then, and we will be able
to redistribute the fonts.

A simple package that installs the fonts to /usr/share/fonts/gnome (or
something like that, you can't depend on TTF/truetype, etc) might be a good
place to start.

Would it be a foolish idea to default to the Vera family fonts in GConf,
instead of the fontconfig aliases? As a feature of fontconfig, everything
will happily fall back to the aliases if the specified font doesn't exist,
right? Will this suck in any way?

Distros can, of course, do what they want (and they will regardless). :-)


- Jeff

      "Life is short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly." - Robert Doisneau      

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