Re: splash screen session and theme

<quote who="Mark McLoughlin">

> 	The GConf key is not about branding - people branding GNOME just ship a
> different image.

(Well, heh. That's what GARNOME does because I've been to lazy to change the
GConf key on install...)

> The splash screen image is still part of the "look" of GNOME

... and something we / distributors can define on release so people know
what they're running, etc. Having a different splash screen for each
release, with the version number in it, is *really* useful. If they're
themeable, so people can change them to pictures of dogs playing poker or
whatever, we lose that feature. :-)

> at least it should be so long as we still have a splash screen.

That's the spirit! WAR ON SPLASH SCREEN!

> 	OCD ?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Not providing anal-retentive options and
configurability could be regarded as an a11y issue. :-)

- Jeff

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