Re: An object Oriented File Manager Design

> Well, to add flames to the fire, why don't we seriously consider popping 
> up the context menu when holding the primary mouse button too?  That 
> way, you can provide a simple status bar message "Click with the mouse 
> to select an item; keep the mouse pressed (or use Ctrl+F10) to see 
> options for that item".  That's a visual, and if it helps not provide a 
> menu bar or unclutter it, I'd vote for it.

I wouldn't like to see that as a replacement for alternate click, but it
would create good interpolability with mac. Although, don't a lot of mac
users go out an buy 3 button mice so that they can use a scroolwheel and
alternate-click. I always found waiting 3 seconds for a context menu
unbareably slow.

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