Re: An object Oriented File Manager Design

> There's already a standard "open context menu" shortcut: Ctrl+F10. 
> However, right now it always opens the menu where the mouse pointer
> happens to be, which isn't much use for people using screen magnifiers
> etc.

Yeah, it's fairly standard to have a
context-menu-for-currently-selected-item shortcut. And maybe something
easier to remember than CTRL+F10 :)

> One concern about the lack of menubars is that they provide an important
> self-documentation facility..

Yeah, I've changed my mind about removing the menubar. I tried using
nautilus for a while without a menubar and realised that there are just
some things that don't belong in a context menu.

I think my desire to remove nautilus' menubar was because I really hate
the current layout and never use any of the menus because of this.

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