Re: An object Oriented File Manager Design

Sean Middleditch wrote:

I agree whole-heartedly with this.  Even a technical user can be lost
without knowledge of what options are available.  A technical user has
the advantage of experimentation and previous knowledge - we know what a
context menu is, and have a good chance of thinking "hey, what does the
context menu give me?"  Untrained, unexperienced, or unwilling-to-learn
users aren't going to do this.  It's that last groups that's the biggest
pain in the ass, yet I find myself having to do with them the most doing
support (then, that isn't surprising in after-thought).  These people
need the cues and guidance on how to go about the task they are trying
to accomplish, and not be forced to really on understand of desktop

Well, to add flames to the fire, why don't we seriously consider popping up the context menu when holding the primary mouse button too? That way, you can provide a simple status bar message "Click with the mouse to select an item; keep the mouse pressed (or use Ctrl+F10) to see options for that item". That's a visual, and if it helps not provide a menu bar or unclutter it, I'd vote for it.

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