Re: An object Oriented File Manager Design

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 21:34, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
> I liked this.  But there's a need to pay attention to keyboard using 
> people.  How do you plan to open a context menu or provide multiple 
> selections? (both questions already answered by many file managers now)

I do agree that this idea, if ever implemented, would need a lot of a11y
thought. But the issues you mention are to do with the nautilus file
viewes and exist already AFAIK. The context menu issue would of course
be more important if they are being relied upon as in the design. There
must be a keybord shortcut for the context menu. I even have a goddamn
little context menu button on my keyboard that doesn't do anything.

>  If this is done, I'd feel like I'm back on Windows 95, whose folder 
> behavior I really liked.  Just folders, nothing else, absolutely 
> spartan, quick and easy to use.  It's when they started adding toolbars 
> and web views that they fucked it up.

Yup, simplicity is king,

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