Re: Transparancy (was: gnome-terminal awfully slow. :-()

Vlad Berditchevskiy wrote:
Alan <alan ufies org> writes:

BTW, I don't understand, why it's called "transparency". It just sets a
background picture behind the text.

My guess is
a) setting the bg picture behind the text makes it look transparent
   (except of course for windows behind the window)
b) 'transparency' is quicker to say than 'wallpaper image set as the
    background of the terminal and adjusted for terminal position and
	 with color/opaquity options' <g>

BTW, is it possible to achieve _real_ transparency in Gnome? In other
unix environments? By now I've seen such feature only on some window
manager frames, but not in the client area.

you can in other, non-X11 unix environments.

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