Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow. :-(

On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 21:23, Vlad Berditchevskiy wrote:
> slower on text output than in Gnome 2.0.x. :-( The slowness is even
> noticable by just moving the terminal window around the desktop. Not
> only the terminal text is slow, but also the menu. Other gnome 2.2

My hunch is you're using transparent gnome-terminal.

Transparency with gnome-terminal has been completely unusable as of
gnome 2.0, IMO.  The memory usage and very slow performance precludes
using this particular option.  

I recommend you use a solid color as your gnome-terminal background, or
use Eterm, which handles transparency fairly nicely.  I personally have
chosen the former, and I find gnome-terminal's performance acceptable.


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