Toolbar keyboard navigation (was: Toolbar Consistency Issues)

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:

> 	Basically - BonoboToolbar has a keynav impl. GtkToolbar doesn't.
> Whenever GtkToolbar gets keynav support it will (hopefully) be possible

I spent some time this weekend looking at how to do keyboard
navigation for GtkToolbar, and I think I now know how to do it. I hope
to produce a patch next weekend.

I intend to add keyboard navigation to the EggToolbar in libegg, which
is likely going to replace GtkToolbar (it is API and ABI compatible).
The keyboard navigation I intend to do is

        - F10 cycles focus between all menubars and toolbars in a

        - Focusing a toolbar means focusing the first item on the
          toolbar.  (quoting Calum in bug 54047):

               At which point:

               - left/right arrow key should move focus to
                 previous/next control
               - Home/End should move focus to first/last control in
               - (Perhaps) Ctrl+left/right to move to first control in
                 previous/next group of controls?  (If so, should it
                 be visual group or functional group?)

               - Post tooltip for focused control: Shift+F1 (see bug

               - Activate toolbutton - Enter

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