Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow

Hi Bill,

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 23:55, Bill Haneman wrote:

> I think that if we are going to say anything publicly about GNOME
> accessibility (and we have already), we must avoid replacing code that's
> broken in one way with code that's broken or regressed
> accessibility-wise.  Regression is not generally tolerated in other
> areas, it should not be tolerated in accessibility either.

	Totally disagree with you there. If you make a big code switch like
this, then there's always likely to be regressions. You weigh up those
regressions against the benefits when deciding when to do the switch and
you make a commitment to fix those regressions.

	In this case it sounds like there were two regressions which we
accepted (performance and a11y) in favour of the benefits of the new
widget. It also looks like the regressions haven't been forgotten, Nalin
is working hard to fix them from what I see on cvs-commits-list ... 

	Out of curiousity ... when did you last review vte's a11y support?
Given that Nalin is working on it, do you actually know that its
currently broken or ... ?

Good Luck,

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