Re: Nautilus buglist is online

> So the idea is that I pick a "keyword" and add it to the whiteboard of
> all of "my" bugs. That way I can do queries based on that list. That
> sounds pretty cool, personal keywords :) rock

But it recommended to give your own signature to it, so it clarifies who
placed the tag.
For example:  SISOB{my_bug} or SISOB[important}

I understood this is done in some other project this way as well.

> I'm thinking that I can change my nautilus buglist to use a handful of
> different bugzilla queries to generate the lists of bugs in the
> different catagories on the page. That way I don't need to update the
> page when bugs are closed, changed etc...

Ain't it wonderful!

> > Damn, I wish I had more time to help with Nautilus-QA.
> yeah, me too. Nautilus has such potential, but needs sooo much
> polishing. Wish I had a few weeks to dedicate to it non stop :)

I fully agree!


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