Re: Proposal: "Preview" shell for EoG/gpdf/ggv

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 13:12, Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
> How about if all (pre)view components support a particular well-defined
> interface using Bonobo so that any application can (pre)view files of
> any type supported by any of the previewers. I think this is how
> Nautilus currently does it - doesn't it ? We only need to extend the
> interface a bit probably to support the hierarchy concept.
as gustavo already noted interfaces are there. they are just waiting to be
used. I believe we only need to support a number of well-defined properties
that will make the shell know more about what is going on in the

Then again, perhaps the idea about an interface for reporting
information on the structure of a document (pages/objects/other). I
wonder if such a general interface could be designed at all:
overgeneralization is generally;) a Bad Thing(tm).

> Possible candidates for file formats are pdf (Gpdf), ps (GGV) , abw
> (Abiword) , html (GtkHTML2) , images (EOG), archives (File Roller), etc.
> (basically any document format with page/object/other hierarchy).
sound nice, but (with respect to my previous paragraph) - do you think that
it is feasible to create such a general interface and such a general shell?
I was thinking more along the lines of unifying the shell for



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